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The information here could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of wasted time, waiting for results that never come. Don't be fooled by the hype about submission services and the other scams that are expensive and guarantee nothing.



E-Business, No Job Too Small e commerce site under $1000Allied Caribbeanis a food distributor in Miami specializing in selling Nature Made Vitamins in the Caribbean, demonstrating the potential of regional marketing on the web.
Web Hosting and design deal for under $1000. This price included the design, coding, shopping cart, credit card processing with gateway bank account, shipping calculator, secure server, site certificate, url submission and even creating a database for the store inventory. Total monthly hosting cost of $35 with no long term contract.

The Allied Caribbean site is averaging 15,000 page views a month, and is listed with every search engine, with sales growing 12% each month. Best of all, the owners are not computer experts, yet maintain the site completely, thanks to fool-proof design and training that comes with the price of the job! is a great Internet success story, showing the potential of small niche marketing on the web. Home brewing and Wine making has been undergoing a rise in popularity. Homebrewers Warehouse in Davie, had a small home brew supply store and wanted to expand with a web site. He had very little seed money, but we were able to set him up with a hosting and design deal for under $1000. This price included the design, coding, shopping cart, credit card validation, shipping, secure server, site certificate, url submission, and even creating a database for his store inventory. His total monthly cost of $39 was recouped in the first week, and he was profitable in just one month. The site was averaging 75,000 page views a month, and is listed with every search engine, with sales growing 30% each month, until he sold the business. The best thing of all is that the owner is not a computer wiz, but he has maintained the site himself since day one. We credit that to our training that goes right along with the job, no cost to you!

Back to home page a perfect example of how no business is too small to profit from an effective, low cost web presence. The owner of Gale Force Creations, a small faux and mural painting contractor, was wasting hours on the phone with potential customers from yellow pages and other advertising. The biggest "waster" of time was the frustrating task of describing different painting ideas and techniques. In many cases, he found that the majority of these callers were actually competitors checking his pricing and techniques, or "do it yourselfers" just picking his brain. Even explaining a job to steady customer would take hours of phone time that could be more easily "shown" in a picture.

Working with a budget of $500 and a $10 per month hosting fee, we put all of his samples on a site, with descriptions of the techniques used, email links and other contact info. Now, when clients call he directs them to the site first, and follows up with sales call after they have been "educated" on the unique services he provides. He has actually made enough money from just jobs generated by the search engines hits, to not only pay for his site, but pay for his site hosting for the next ten years! Needless to say, he is a happy painter.

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