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PurposeWear advertisment vacancy

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Posted by Leese Gifter on April 01, 19102 at 19:34:12:

Dear applicant,
OutOfThisStar is formally announcing a vacancy. Due to themassive response we have decided that all applicants will be contacted within 10 working days with a response.
We now realise that we did not post a complete advert (oops!). Below is a copy of the complete advert, please read it throughly as it contains all the information you wil need
Just to say,
+The basic wage has increased from $4068 to $7068
+all submissions of resume and photo must be made by email
+we are casting female models only
+ if you are called for a test shot at your local office, your travel expenses will be paid
(only if you are called to the test shot)
+ There is no current closing date, however this is at our clients disctretion.
Please read the advert fully!
The full advertisment:

In our role as the clients advertising agency, we will be recording a feature length advert and single photoshoot of the advertisement. OutOfThisStar recognises our clients need to market their product using different mannerisms in different catchment areas according to locally accepted customs and traditions. We feel that at OutOfThisStar we can provide this diversity and flexibility in our projects like no one else has ever done before. Separate advertisements will be recorded for each publicity zone (Western and Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Near Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Austral-Asia, Japan, North America, Central and South America, North Africa, South Africa, Central Asia, Pacific, Russia). We require models/actresses from all the catchment areas, this means that you will likely to have one of the advertisement shoots taking place in your locality.
As always, it is difficult for any agency to exactly state what previous experience a potential model may need. For this reason we accept all models who have submitted photographs and the required details, for a one day test shoot. Think of this as an opportunity for new comers to prove to us they have the talent to make it, regardless of whether they have ever worked before. Hence, you will not need any previous experience for this assignment. All that OutOfThisStar ask is that you submit all of the items requested (below) and your application will be judged fairly but not in competition with other applicants.
OutOfThisStar was founded in Europe, but we now cover every corner of the globe. This doesn’t stop us carrying out our work to the highest European level of detail and quality. We represent more than 400 models and agencies worldwide. This sounds small compared to other agencies, but we take the time and effort to work with our clients and focus on “quality not quantity”. We have offices in nearly every country and this means that you can enjoy a highly localised service backed by the strength of an international agency. You can see the work we’ve done over the last few years on our new website created by Drift New Media, which is launching in the autumn (watch this space for more news).
In line with our policy, our client use a number of local OutOfThisStar agents. For your catchments area your agent is Miss Leese Gifter. If you have any questions about your local agent do not hesitate to contact us at our OutOfThisStar Europe.

$4068 for eight days of filming. Accomodation and travel expenses paid. This does include all local taxes (despite regional variations). An average day will be 3 hours of filming at one indoor location and three outdoor locations (proximity of studio).

Our client is an up and coming prestigious lingerie and outer garment manufacturer aiming at the professional female market. This is our clients first advertising campaign for their exciting new range of “Purpose Thongs”. Purpose Thongs are made of tough yet sensuous GarTye. Our client wishes to convey in their advertising campaign that this is a thong for all day and everyday no matter what you are doing. There is a certain element of “tongue in cheek” in the advertisement. We are recruiting for ten female models (no experience needed).What we are looking for is just a sheer variety of models and abilities in line with our clients brief. Some of the models will be topless and some nude. Remember this is a campaign going out on commercial television so there won’t be any adult content. The advertisement will focus on four characters (names may change depending on your locality), these are cast as:
Rachel: A sassy upbeat city girl
Louisa: A down to earth country girl
Frankie: An intelligent girl who is the wiser but quieter of the four
Charlie: A “wild child” suburbs girl
There are no age limits, however we can put the limit at our discretion. In the final edited advertisement, your breasts and navel will not actually be visible.

There are four scenes to be filmed:
SCENE 1“Sky is the limit”
All three girls on the beach stood next to each other (Frankie left-hand side, Rachel centre, Louisa right-hand side) staring out at the windsurfers in on the water. Camera will be filming from behind. All three are topless and all are wearing the Purpose thongs (three different colours). All three will seem very happy and relaxed. Rachel (centre position) will place her hands on Louisa and Frankie’s shoulders. Rachel will then place her hands on Frankie and Louisa’s buttocks, turning around to give a cheeky smile. Rachel will then place her hands down either girls thong.
SCENE 2“Sit up”
Charlie is stood rear facing way from the wearing the Purpose bra and no bottom (buttocks are exposed). Second and third models (Frankie and Charlie) are kneeling profile at either side of Charlie , heads positioned towards her navel (2nd and 3rd model heads will be concealed by 1st models buttocks and lower body).
SCENE 3“Now!”
Charlie is stood topless profile wearing the Purpose Thong stood by toilet and has Rachel on a leash. Rachel will appear nude profile on hands and knees and has face in toilet bowl (appearance of drinking). The toilet is a fake fibreglass toilet that is absolutely clean!

Please email your resume/CV to Leese Gifter at jlgifter@hotmail.com stating which of the four characters you would like to be cast for.You must include
+ your full name
+ date of birth
+ contact address,town and country.
Please also include a personal statement with a reason why you think you are suitable for the job and answer the following question: "Are thongs for all activities, or are they just entertainment for the bedroom?".

The minimum required body details are:
+General appearance
+Hair colour/style/condition/length
+Skin colour/condition
+Eye colour
+Height, weight, shoe size (State if American, Asian or EC), bust and cup size (e.g. 32B), waist, hips, dress size.
Particular to this advert we also need the following details and measurements:
+Nipple colour and diameter
+Pubic hair colour (natural)
+Thong line (wearing a thong, measure the distance between the top of your buttock cheeks and hips).
The clients has strict casting requirements (not revealed at this stage) and has outlined several activities to be performed and the responses emailed with the above. We advise you to perform the following tests in a quiet discrete location.

You will be fully clothed, wearing as a minimum of a top, bottom, but do not wear any shoes (you must be barefooted), bra, panties/bottom/thong/tanga, stockings-suspenders.
*Remove your top and bottom, so that you are now in your bra,panties, stockings-suspenders
Measure your bra strap line (the distance of your bra strap behind your bust on your back)
*Remove your bra and state whether your breast remain firm or falldown. State exactly what type of bra you are wearing (make, size, wiring, strap, material)
*Measure your left and right breast circumference
Cup your each breast and wrap the measuring tape around the breast (from under to over the breast) and measure the circumference of your breast. Give a value for your left and right breasts.
*Breast slope
Using a ruler or measuring tape measure the distance (vertically) from the top of your breast down towards your nipple. Give distances to at least one decimal place (example 12.4 cm). Give a value for your left and right breasts.
*Breast outer
Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the distance from your nipple leftwards and rightwards to the side of your body. Give distances to at least one decimal place (example 6.3 cm).Give a value for your left and right breasts.
* Breast inner
Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the distance from your nipple rightwards to the meeting of your breasts (towards the opposite breast).Give a value for your left and right breasts.
Right breast circumference
Measure the diameter of each nipple (across).Give a value for your left and right nipples.
*Nipple erection
Fill two beakers with cold water and place each of your breasts in the beakers until your nipples are fully erect. Measure the height of nipple erection. Please do not attempt to manualy stimulate your nipples (i.e rubbing) as the erection distance is different as to that of cold water stimulation.
*Remove your thong, does your belly fall out or remain firm.
*Pencil test
Place a pencil underneath your each breast and state if it stays there or falls ? Give a value for your left and right breasts.
*Breast cup
Cup your each breast and squeeze it, how easily squeezed is it and does it instantly return back to its shape or does it take some time? Give a value for your left and right breasts.
Standing on an even hard surface (e.g. carpet), jump up and down at least five times and observe whether your breasts bounce or stay firm. If your breasts did bounce, describe the extent of bouncing
Stand in front of a plain wall just so that your breasts a touching the wall. With all your force push as if walking towards the wall with the aim of compressing your breasts, you may experience some discomfort. Describe how far your breasts were pushed in.
Lie face down as if you were to do a press up, raise into the press up position and lower yourself down with the aim of compressing your breasts. Describe how far your breasts were pushed in.
Lying on your back, raise yourself into the sit up position. Do your breasts meet your navel. If so what part of your breasts
Sitting up with your legs spread at least shoulder width apart, bend down as far as possible towards the floor between the legs. Do your breasts meet the floor?
*Remove your stockings-suspenders
* Perform vigorous excercise for five minutes and measure your pulse rate.

Please remember there is no right answer to these tests.but we will need detailed honest answers.

Applications which are not complete with full answers will NOT be considered
The following photos are needed as a minimum portfolio (do not smile in these pictures -show no emotion- and stand with your hands by your side, facing forwards with chest out).If you cannot provide these photos at this time, please still email your resume and answers and state when the photos will be ready. If you can for the meanwhile email other pictures of yourself (esp topless/nude). All positions listed below require at least three shots, these are: FRONTAL shot (facing toward the camera), SIDE shot (facing sideward away from the camera)and BACK shot (with your back to the camera). Some shots where you are removing an item of clothing, you must take a picture of you in the process of removing the clothing (Frontal,Side and Back).
1. Fully clothed wearing a top and bottoms
2. Removing your top
3. You are wearing your bra and bottoms
4. Removing your bottom (trousers, shorts or skirt etc.) to show your thong and top of stockings
5. Stood with hands by side in wearing your bra, stockings and suspenders
6. Bend over to touch your knees places your buttocks in the air
7. On hands and knees (all fours)in cat position
8. Stood up against a wall, legs spread shoulder width and arms place above head on wall
9. Removing stockings and suspenders
10. You are wearing your bra and thong only
11. Sit down ,spread your legs and place your head in your crotch
12. You are lowering your bra down but your breasts are not visible
13. You have removed your bra and are topless
14. Cup and squeeze your breasts with your hands, your breasts and nipples must still be visible
15. Place a pencil beneath your breasts with the aim of holding it there
16. Stand in front of a plain wall just so that your breasts a touching the wall. With all your force push as if walking towards the wall with the aim of compressing your breasts
17. Removing your thong
18. You are stood nude
19. Stood up against a wall, legs spread shoulder width and arms place above head on wall
20. Sat down with legs spread apart as far as possible
21. On hands ans knees
22. Stood up and bending down to touch your knees or toes
23. In pressup position
24. In situp position (sotmach crunch)
25. Fill two beakers that will fit your breasts with cold water and place your breasts in there (until your nipples are erect)
26. Removing your breasts from beakers
27. Place a ruler next to your nipples to show the extent of nipple erection.
We appreciate that we are asking for a lot of photos, but this is needed for the lengthy casting process.
You can strengthen your application by sending in extra photos.

Send your resume by email to jlgifter@hotmail.com. If you cannot send the requested photos, please give a date when we should expect them. If you can, send any other photos for the meanwhile. We do require all the questions to be answered without exception and incomplete applications will be rejected. Due to the nature of the adertisment these answers are needed for accurate casting. If you are applyimg on behalf of a model, please state your relation (e.g agent).
Talk to Leese Gifter by asking your SAT-V operator for 65489414. We will endevour to give you a reply to your application with in two weeks of recieving it. Please say in your email if you want us to reply by post,email or telephone with a date for your casting call at your local studio.

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